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When Did Seat Belt Laws Take Effect in California?

What some younger drivers may not realize is seat belts were not mandatory in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. In fact, there were some vehicles that did not have safety belts at all. After extensive crash testing it was determined that seat belts or safety belts will save lives. On January 1st, 1986 the primary enforcement law took effect in the state of California. For those age six and older a seat belt is mandatory when in a moving motor vehicle. The most recent statistics show that over 96% of drivers and passengers use seat belts in the state of California.

In early 2016 a Los Angeles car ejection accident took the life of a man. Police at the scene determined that the driver that was ejected was not wearing a seat belt. Had the driver been wearing a seat belt he would likely be alive today. In any type of vehicle rollover or severe car accident a seat belt or safety belt can prove to be a live saver.

As a distinguished Los Angeles car accident attorney Mr. David Azizi sees many cases in which a driver or passenger was not wearing a seat belt. Rather than leaving fate to chance we strongly suggest wearing a seat belt at any time. By wearing a seat belt you will be a strong influence on those younger than you, including children. If children see adults, especially parents, using seat belts when they are at a young age they will likely wear a seat belt their entire lives.

If you have any questions as it relates to laws concerning vehicle accidents contact the Law Offices of David Azizi today. We have personal injury lawyers with decades of experience when it comes to car accidents in and around Los Angeles. Having a wealth of experience we have represented clients throughout the entire state of California. Contact us today at 1-800-991-5292.

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