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University of Kerala Results 2016|www.keralauniversity.ac.in

University of Kerala has declared result for the various UG (Under Graduate) & PG (Post Graduate) Courses. Candidates can download the Result from the official website of Ranchi University or from the direct Link given below in the article. A Huge number of candidates have participated in the given examination. Candidates appeared in the given exam can get the whole detailed information regarding the result, Check Here.

University of Kerala Results 2016

University of Kerala was conducted an exam for the various UG (Under Graduate) & PG (Post Graduate) Courses. Candidates who have appeared in the exam are waiting for their result deliberately were to be informed that University of Kerala has declared the results for the given exam candidates are now able to check their result from the official website of University of Kerala or from the links given.

University of Kerala is one of the first 16 Universities in India. It was founded as the University of Travancore in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore (now southern part of Kerala and some neighbouring parts of state of Tamilnadu) in 1937. The University of Travancore was established in 1937 by a promulgation of the Maharajah of Travancore, Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma who was also the first Chancellor of the University.

The University at present has sixteen faculties and forty one departments of teaching and research in addition to study centres and other departments. The Teaching, Research and Knowledge extension are the mandate of the Departments. They primarily focus on post-graduate (masters) programmes, MPhil programme (1-year research degree) and doctoral research. In 2007, the University awarded over 100 PhDs. (University’s research activities are also going on in select affiliated colleges and other recognized research centres in and outside the state).

All Results are available Here:

Important Links:-

  1. 30/05/2016 M.Ed. (Non CSS) I Sem (Supply Mercy Chance) Exam Result March 2016
  2. 25/05/2016 Time Table of B.Tech. IV Sem (Part Time Rstructured) Exam May-June 2016
  3. 24/05/2016 M.B.A. II Sem (Supply) Exam Result Aug 2015 (2009 Scheme)
  4. 23/05/2016 B.A. (Honours) English Language and Literature V Sem Exam Result Nov 2015
  5. 20/05/2016 BAMS II Prof. Exam Result Feb 2016
  6. 05/05/2016 B.Com. Part I (Supply.) Exam Result Jan 2016
  7. 02/05/2016 Revised Scheme of B.Sc. MLT Final Year (Mercy Chance) Exam Result Jan 2016
  8. 27/04/2016 B.Sc. II Year Supply Exam Result Oct 2015 (Part I/II/III Subsidiary Subj.)
  9. 25/04/2016 B.Com Computer Application (3 Main) IV Sem Supplementary Exam Result Jan 2016
  10. 21/04/2016 B.Ed II Sem Exam Result Dec 2015
  11. 20/04/2016 MBA (SDE) IV Sem Exam Result Sep/Oct 2015
  12. 18/04/2016 BPA (Vocal/Violin/Veena/Dance) V Sem Exam Result Nov 2015
  13. 16/04/2016 B.Sc. Nursing III Year (Supply.) Exam Result Nov 2015
  14. 15/04/2016 Time Table of B.A. VI Sem (English & Communicative English) (CBCSS)(Project/Viva- Voce) Exam April 2016
  15. 13/04/2016 LL.B V Year (VIII Sem)/ III Year (IV Sem) Exam Result Nov 2015
  16. 08/04/2016 B. Sc. CS V Sem (CBCSS)(Syndicate In Circulation) Exam Result Nov 2015
  17. 07/04/2016 B.Sc. (CBCSS) V Sem Exam Result Nov 2015 (2013 Scheme)
  18. 31/03/2016 B.A Malayalam/Mass Communication V Sem Exam Result Nov 2015
  19. 30/03/2016 Time Table of M.Tech. I Sem (FT & PT)/III Sem (PT) Reg./Supply. Exam April 2016
  20. 29/03/2016 B.D.S. II (Additional) Exam Result Nov 2015
  21. 28/03/2016 B.Com. Part III (Diversified Scheme/Mercy Chance) Exam Result Sept-Oct 2015
  22. 26/03/2016 Time Table of B.Sc (Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry) (CBCSS Regular) VI Sem Exam 2016
  23. 25/03/2016 B.Sc. (Physics & Computer App./Chemistry & Industrial Chem./Hotel Mgmt & Catering Sc.) (CBCSS) V Sem Exam Result Nov 2015
  24. 25/03/2016 B.Tech IV Sem Part Time (2K Scheme) Supply Exam Result June 2014
  25. 21/03/2016 M.A. English Language and Literature (I.D.E. LSC) (Final/Prev) Exam Result June-Aug 2015
  26. 18/03/2016 Time Table of MBBS Part II III Prof. Exam April 2016
  27.  17/03/2016 B.Com. Part III Exam Result Sept-Oct 2015
  28. 12/03/2016 MFA (Sculpture) II Sem Exam Result Nov 2015
  29. 11/03/2016 Time Table of B.A./L.L.B. IX/VII Sem Exam March 2016
  30. 10/03/2016 LL.B I/II Year Exam Result Sept/Oct 2015 (New Scheme Mercy Chance 1998 Admn)
  31. 09/03/2016 B.Sc (Physics And Comp. Applns/Chemistry And Ind.Chem) (CBCSS Supply/Regular) II Sem Exam Result July 2015
  32. 07/03/2016 B.Com. CBCSS II Sem Regular Exam Result July 2015
  33. 05/03/2016 B.Com (Computer App/Tax Procedure Practice/Tour and Travel Mgmt) II Sem Supply Exam Result July 2015
  34. 04/03/2016 Time Table of Teaching Practice MBL I Sem Exam March 2016
  35. 03/03/2016 Time Table of B.Sc. (CS) I Sem Practical Exam Jan 2016
  36. 02/03/2016 BSc Nursing (Supply) Final Year Exam Result Oct 2015
  37. 01/03/2016 M.Ed. Special Education II Sem (Mental Retardation) Exam Result Sept 2015
  38. 29/02/2016 M.Com. Prev./Final (I D E) Exam Result June-July 2015
  39. 27/02/2016 B.A (Journalism And Mass Comm. & Video Production) (CBCSS) II Sem Exam Result July 2015 (Admn 2013/14)
  40. 25/02/2016 M.A. Sociology (SDE) (Prev./Final) Exam Result June-Aug 2015
  41. 16/02/2016 B.P.A. Vocal II Sem (CBCSS) Supply Exam Result July 2015
  42. 15/02/2016 B.Sc. Electronics II Sem (CBCSS) Supplementary Exam Result July 2015
  43. 13/02/2016 B.Sc. (Electronics) (CBCSS) II Sem Exam Result July 2015 (Supply Scheme 2010-11)
  44. 11/02/2016 B.Sc CS II Sem Reg./Improv./Supply. (2014/2013 Scheme)Exam Result July 2015
  45. 08/02/2016 PGDKM II Sem Exam Result Oct 2015
  46. 06/02/2016 B.Tech. VI Sem Part Time Restructured (2008 Scheme) Exam Result April 2015
  47. 05/02/2016 Time Table of Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Exam Feb 2016
  48. 04/02/2016 M. Phil. Physical Education Exam Result 2014-15
  49. 03/02/2016 B.H.M.S. Final Exam Result Oct 2015
  50. 28/01/2016 B.Sc. II Sem Hotel Management And Catering Science Exam Result July 2015
  51. 27/01/2016 B.Sc II Sem Environmental Science and Environment and Water Management Exam July 2015
  52. 22/01/2016 B.Com. Computer App. (III Main) VI Sem/Tourism & Travel Management (Restructured) Exam (Supply./Mercy Chance) Sept 2015
  53. 21/01/2016 Bio Tech. I Sem Exam Result Dec 2014
  54. 20/01/2016 Time Table for B.Sc. I Sem (Hotel Management & Catering Science) Improvement /Supplementary Exam Jan 2016
  55. 19/01/2016 M.A. Hindi SDE (Previous/Final) Exam Result June-Aug 2015
  56. 18/01/2016 B.Pharm II Year (Sypply) Exam Result Aug 2015
  57. 16/01/2016 Time Table of B.Sc. (Biochem./Industrical Microbiology) Biochemistry Practical Exam Jan 2016
  58. 14/01/2016 B.A. (Honours) English Language And Literature (Reg) IV Sem Exam Result July 2015
  59. 12/01/2016 B.Sc. Part III Final Year Mathematics Exam Result Oct 2015
  60. 07/01/2016 M.F.A III Sem Exam Result August 2015
  61. 06/01/2016 M.A Political Science (IDE) (Previous/Final) Exam Result June/July 2015
  62. 02/01/2016 MBBS III Professional Part II Exam Result Sept 2015
  63. 01/01/2016 M.Sc (Zoology/Microbiology) IV Sem Exam Result Aug 2015
  64. 31/12/2015 Time Table for B.Pharm Final Year (Supply) Exam Jan 2016
  65. 30/12/2015 M.Tech (FT/PT) M.Planning M.Architecture (Reg/Supply) Exam Result Sep 2015
  66. 29/12/2015 M.Tech Final VI/VII (PT) (Reg/Supply) Exam Result Sept 2015 (Scheme 2008/2013)
  67. 26/12/2015 Time Table for B.C.A. V Sem. Practical Exam Nov 2015
  68. 23/12/2015 MBA III Sem (Fulltime/Regular) (Evening) / Uim and Travel and Tourism Degree Exam Result Feb 2015
  69. 22/12/2015 MBA III Sem(Fulltime/Regular)(Evening) / Uim and Part Time Exam Result 2015
  70. 21/12/2015 Time Table of B.P.A/B.A Afzal Ulama Degree Exam Jan 2016
  71. 19/12/2015 PG IV Sem Exam Result 2015
  72. 18/12/2015 M.A. Sanskrit (Previous/Final) Exam Result June/July/Aug 2015
  73. 14/12/2015 Time Table of B.Sc (Computer Science) V Sem (Practical) Exam Nov 2015
  74. 12/12/2015 M.Tech I (FT-PT)/ III (PT) Sem (Reg/Supply) Exam Result Feb 2015 (Mech./ Electrical & Electronics/ Bio Tech. & Bio-chem En. Branch)

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Candidates are advised to stay in touch with the University of Kerala or stay coinnected with us for latest updates regarding the result.

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