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United Kingdom send new troops to Afghanistan !

Is the United Kingdom right to send new troops to Afghanistan?

On Wednesday, Afghan Minister of Defense Masoom Stanikzai said that foreign militants are mainly fighting Afghan security forces in Helmand province.

A spokesman for the Taliban said on Twitter “Sangin district has completely collapsed to the Taliban” but the government has denied the claim.

On Wednesday, a spokesman said insurgents had captured the district of Gulistan in Farah, a remote western province that, like Helmand, is a major center of opium cultivation. That NATO nations, and Britain in particular invested so much effort in holding the district only for the Afghans to lose it only adds insult to injury. The return of British troops is poignant, as they suffered more than 100 of their 456 fatalities during their 13-year Afghan combat mission in Sangin. Reports revealed that the Afghan fighters have run out of weapons and supplies.

An Afghan soldier stops a motorbike at a checkpoint in the Nad Ali district of Helmand province, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015. He said the district governor’s headquarters, very often the final outpost standing when districts are considered to have been captured, had simply been relocated. The loss “serves as a painful reminder of the dangers our troops face every day in Afghanistan”, he said.

A small unit of Danish soldiers, who for years fought in Helmand alongside the British and Americans, have also arrived at the former Camp Bastion, Col Jens Lønborg from the Danish army told Danish newspaper Politiken.

Eyewitnesses say some government forces were still fighting in the district centre but are cut off and facing slaughter by the Taliban.

The British troops, which were actually deployed for the training, advisory, assistance and counter- terror mission in Afghanistan, have provided help. Last weekend, the deputy governor of the province pleaded publicly with President Ashraf Ghani for military aid, writing in a Facebook post that his province was “standing on the brink”.

Afghan security forces have launched their latest offensive in the Sangin district, where the Taliban are largely in control, police said Thursday.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military advisers, including around 10 British troops, have been deployed to support Afghan forces battling to hold the town.

The battle continues between Afghan forces and the Taliban as the Afghan Taliban gain ground on Helmand Province.

A fertile region that is a key location in Afghanistan’s poppy trade, Sangin lies in the south of the country in an area that has traditionally been a Taliban heartland.

Mir compared Helmand to Kunduz, the northern Afghan city that the Taliban took over and held for three days in September, sending shockwaves across a country that had come to believe the insurgents were not strong enough to take urban areas.