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Ubuntu-Play-Store version 3.0 released Adds PayPal integration

Ubuntu play Store is like Google’s play store by which you get access to lots of third party apps Developed by Developers around the world . Ubuntu Play store and apps listed in it are maintained by Keshav Bhatt (Owner of Ktechpit.com ) Ktechpit.com is server from where the whole app builds and updates are published after moderation of each app done by Keshav Bhatt himself .

Version : 3.0

Whats new : Client is free , PayPal payment integration .

Whats coming : Gtk themes installer . expected in version 4.0

you will get update in store inside update category.

Download for :

Download for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

Download for Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

Features of Ubuntu Play Store :-

NOTE : Video demo is of version 2.0 and current version 3.0 is improved a lot and adds lot of new features .

1- You get all premium application developed by Keshav Bhatt for free including all future updates and other apps added to list. Top apps in list include : –Facebook-Desktop , Messenger-Desktop, Whatsapp-Ubuntu, Ultimate-Media-Downlaoder, 2048 ,Youtube-music-downloader . Ultimate-Porn-Downloader, QStamina-typing tutor, LightMusic Player , KmusicPlayer , Dukto , BlackMusic Player and Streamer etc .

2-Ubuntu Play Store is very fast and low in memory consumption it will take approx 3 Mb after install .

3-It take only two seconds to launch i.e, 500% faster then Ubuntu software center.

4-It takes one Second to grab the list of software from my repository .

5-Every time you will launch you will get updated list of apps i.e, you dont need to run “sudo apt-get update” , it will get new and updated list of software including every minute change done by developer to their apps over the night .

6-It looks beautiful and it is theme-able too .

7-Category view to categorize apps and organize app easily.

8-Contain a in-build package installer – Quick installer to install and remove software from system .

9-In-built auto app update feature for Client which notifies you when a new version of store is available .

10-Allow you to keep multiple version of single app on your system .

Future Development plans :

-Allow Client to list Popular GTK themes . Icons themes and other desktop eye-candies and allow easy one click installation of them.

Fonts Installer – to allow browse and install hand picked fonts from the web with easy one click install button .

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