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How Trump Won the Election

Donald J. Trump won the election by consolidating support from white voters and making unexpected gains with minority groups.

1- Trump overwhelmingly won votes
of whites without college degrees.

Based on exit polls, Mr. Trump did significantly better than his predecessors among whites without college degrees. Whites with college degrees have favored Republicans in recent elections. They shifted toward Hillary Clinton in 2016, though Mr. Trump still won the group.

2- Party support shifted dramatically
at nearly every income level.

Historically, lower-income voters have tended to support Democrats, and wealthier voters leaned more Republican. But income correlates with education, which strongly divided voters this cycle.

3- Clinton’s support from minorities fell short.

African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans overwhelmingly backed Mrs. Clinton, but their level of support for her was less than their support of President Obama four years ago. At the same time, Mr. Trump’s support among whites was slightly more or equal to recent Republican nominees.

4- Trump gained among men and
barely lost ground with women.

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