Ubuntu-Play-Store version 3.0 released Adds PayPal integration

Ubuntu play Store is like Google’s play store by which you get access to lots of third party apps Developed by Developers around the world . Ubuntu Play store and apps listed in it are maintained by Keshav Bhatt (Owner of Ktechpit.com ) Ktechpit.com is server from where the whole app builds and updates are published after moderation of each app done by Keshav Bhatt himself . Version : 3.0 Whats new : Client is

"Ubuntu-Play-Store version 3.0 released Adds PayPal integration"

Install Amazon Kindle on Ubuntu 14.04

Amazon Kindle for PC allows you to read more than 2 million Kindle books on your machine without actually having a Kindle device. The whispersync technology built into Kindle allows for automatic sync of your furthest page read of your Kindle content, bookmarks, notes, annotations, and highlights across your various devices. The Amazon Kindle App for PC allows you to Sync to Furthest Page Read, Look Up Words, Search in Books, Organise Collections, Personalise, Take

"Install Amazon Kindle on Ubuntu 14.04"

New Ubuntu Tablet: Photo Gallery

The BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition is the worlds first Ubuntu tablet and the first Ubuntu convergence device. With such pedigree all eyes will firmly be on it. Good job it looks the part. Here’s a “hero” shot of the M10 tablet running Ubuntu, with the music app (left) and login screen (right) shown. The M10 Ubuntu Tablet: Super Thin Despite the blocky look from the front the M10 is actually a super-svelte 8mm thick. And in case

"New Ubuntu Tablet: Photo Gallery"

Top selling apps in Ubuntu software centre month November 2015

Ubuntu Software Center is user interface thats lets you browse and install thousands of free and paid applications available for Ubuntu. You can view available software by category, or search quickly by name or description. You can also examine the software already installed, and remove items you no longer need. Since first release Software centre made lots of changes and improvements which made it choice of users around the world . With Ubuntu software centre

"Top selling apps in Ubuntu software centre month November 2015"

WhatsApp-Ubuntu -Desktop Whatsapp client by Keshav Bhatt

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. Desktop client integrate with the OS and show notifications using Ubuntu notification osd . App also allow you stay logged in after closing the session . Lots of other feature s are inside . Supported Ubuntu Versions : Recommended Ver : 12.04 and above . Price

"WhatsApp-Ubuntu -Desktop Whatsapp client by Keshav Bhatt"

Uthrottle – Mac’s slowy app clone for Ubuntu/Linux -By Keshav Bhatt

Uthrottle -Real-world connection simulator and bandwidth limiter Uthrottle is a tool which simulates custom connection’s conditions and limits the network traffic to a specified speed on network interfaces. In complex service oriented application stacks, some bugs only manifest themselves on congested or slow networking interfaces. so to test and make a slow environment to test them and know how they will act you need to slow down network interface speed and many other factors like latency

"Uthrottle – Mac’s slowy app clone for Ubuntu/Linux -By Keshav Bhatt"

Soundcloud downloader for ubuntu linux by Keshav Bhatt

SoundCloud Downloader is app written in Qt  which allows you to download any song album from soundcloud.com with just a few clicks , app include a inbuilt player which plays songs downloaded by downloader  with a beautiful interface and feattures . Features : Instant download (fast mode) allows you to download song as you paste the link. Grab song info before you download it . Pause download and resume it later . History , soundcloud

"Soundcloud downloader for ubuntu linux by Keshav Bhatt"

Statically build QT 5 Applications on Ubuntu Linux

Ok. So I finally managed to deploy my Qt app along with its dependencies after countless hours of googling. This was done on Ubuntu 12.04 with Qt 5.2. This is how I did it: 1. Statically build Qt from the source using the following command : ./configure -opensource -confirm-license -prefix ./qtbase -make libs -make tools -release -opengl desktop -static -skip qtwebkit -no-icu -nomake tests -nomake examples make -j -4 You can download the source from

"Statically build QT 5 Applications on Ubuntu Linux"

The Best Music Player Application for Linux Ubuntu

The Best Music Player Application for Linux Ubuntu and other debian based OS : There are a surprisingly large number of music players on Linux, and while we know the choice is a deeply personal one, we recommend Kmusicplay for all your music listening needs. Note that music players are one of the most hotly contested App Directory categories, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone wants different things from their player, so it’s nearly

"The Best Music Player Application for Linux Ubuntu"

LightMusic -lightweight Music player Ubuntu Linux

    LightMusic – Beautiful and Fast Music Player for Ubuntu   LightMusic ( lightweight Music player Ubuntu Linux ) Developer – Keshav Bhatt Contact – keshavnrj@gmail.com Available on – Ubuntu 12.04 + Other / Related Project  – KmusicPlay (Advance Media player / manager for Ubuntu Linux ) If you are looking for a lightweight media player that couples capability with a tiny footprint, lightmusic can be choices that you may wish to take a look

"LightMusic -lightweight Music player Ubuntu Linux"