26th January Republic Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi

The Republic day is around the corner in which we are about to celebrated our 68th Republic day in 2017. This is the day to celebrated India’s republic sovereignty, constitutional integrity and above all its unity in diversity. Beside a national holiday, it seems we have so muck reasons to celebrate it on every 26th Jan. We came down here to help school kids, students and teachers to get some astonishing ideas on 26th Republic

"26th January Republic Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi"

15 Aug Independence Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi

Preparing for Independence Day Ceremony at your school or collage? This time we have came up with 15th August Independence Day Anchoring script for students to host the ceremony at your school and collage. For now, we have only provided the script in English language only but you can also request a Hindi anchor script through our commenting section. We will deliver speech ideas, scripts PDF, with important tips in your mailbox directly. Hosting a 

"15 Aug Independence Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi"