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SuperCalc- All in one Powerful Calculation & Conversion tool for Linux

SuperCalc is very powerful Calculation tool with all these features :

1- Normal Calculator for quick and perfect simple calculations.

2- Scientific Calculator with almost all advance calculation features which support 3 modes of calculation-Red ,Deg and Grad.

3- Age Calculator to calculate Age in years , months,days,hours,minutes .

4- Unit Convertor – Allow you to convert between more than 20 physical Units and their subunits with 20 digit accuracy .

5- Currency Converter allows you to convert various currency by retrieving current currency rates from internet.

6-BMI Calculator allows you to calculate Body Mass Index points and show your BMI in human readable/ Understandable formats .

7-Expression Calculator is brand new tool added to supercalc in last update that allows you to solve complex equations and expressions.

8-Navigation is a new feature in supercalc that allows you to run multiple session of particular tool within one window , you can navigate back and forward and open more than 40 sessions/tool without loosing your data and calculations you doing in them .

9- Supercalc come with themes , you can modify appearance of particular tool you are using with brand new theme toggle option .

10- Every tool of SuperCalc can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts which makes it very fast for user to switch.

11- more calculation tools and other features will be rolling out soon in next release of SuperCalc . SuperCalc’s source code is opensource but you have to pay 50$/copy which will allow you to recompile software for other platforms and OS ‘s including Windows and Mac .You are free to do anything with code once you purchased it . For support/Report bugs mail me at keshavnrj@gmail.com

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