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What are the steps in filing PR (Permanent Residency )for Australia?

Applying Procedure For Permanent Residency Australia

We all have heard that Australia is a dream destiny, land of opportunity and so on. Many of us are planning and dreaming about living in Australia while others got in there and are planning to get permanent residency/ citizenship of the country. Permanent residency for Australia is not only for them, you can also apply for the same. Here in this post I will share applying procedure for permanent residency Australia.

To be eligible for Permanent residency in Australia

  • Lived and worked there for two years in a Specified Regional Area
  • Lived and self-employed, for one year in a specified regional area
  • Got sponsored under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

There are various ways and categories, which can provide you a permanent residency in Australia. Usually people get in the country with a temporary visa spend some time lawfully in the country and fulfill eligibility requirements so that they can apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.

Following are some of the categories, which you should consider:-

  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Sponsored Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Aged Parent Visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Remaining Relative Visa

Some basic steps for applying under all these visa classes’ are-

  • Satisfy the basic visa requirements related to age, English language skill, professional skills, qualification, health and character.
  • Submit EOI i.e. expression of interest required for employment visas only.
  • Complete application for this visa and attach all required documents as evidence.
  • Pay fees
  • Australian immigration department might invite you to gain some additional information.
  • Then there is a provision of interview. If time and date does not suit you then provide a valid reason and get another appointment for the interview.

Get nominated or sponsored by employer, state/ territory government or a family member depending on the category you would apply under.

Wait for visa approval.

In case you find it complicated or lethargic then you may hire an experienced and certified immigration consultant.

Australian immigration department

made it a rule that only certified consultants can provide Consultancy Services. This is to ensure that applicants don’t get cheated by any of the ignorant and non-eligible consultant. It is easy to find a good

Australian immigration expert

online and offline both. To check the authenticity of your consultant you may check their ID and look for them on the MARA website.

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