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Share Folder between Android x86 in virtualbox on Ubuntu or linux

Tutorial : Share Folder between Android x86 in virtualbox on Ubuntu or linux

If you don’t know how to install android inside Ubuntu Linux read our tutorial below.

How to Install Android in VirtualBox Windows and Linux

On older version of android those were using Linux kernel 2x  , sharing folder with host-guest and vice-versa was easy ,

I.e, Shared folders from virtual-box were easily accessed in android my just visiting /mnt/shared

but since android version its pain in a** to get shared folders on android runtime .

Well i found a easy hack to get shared folders access    inside android so that we can install .apk and transfer files from android to host and vice versa . So, lets start :


  1. Working network connection LAN or WAN (LOGIC: Both host and guest must be in same network ).
  2. Es-File-Explorer you can install it from play-store (if playstore not working on your versionof android for some reasons try mobile1 etc.)
  3. Samba sharing , Google if you don’t know what it is and how to install relevant package on Ubuntu.


  1. Open Terminal to get you current IP address by which both host and guest are connected to web.

    ifconfig wlan | grep "inet " | awk -F'[: ]+' '{ print $4 }'

Note: Change wlan to your network type like in case you are connected to network by usb tethering try usb0 etc

2.  Now copy that IP address and open EsFileExplorer in android Running inside virtual-box  –

Inside EsExplorer go to network tab as shown in picture below .. now click Add new from bottom panel like this –

Now Select LAN from List –

Now Fill the From like this  – Leave Domain empty Put you IP address in Server Input are , Put your Ubuntu User-name in User-name field . Put your Login password in Password field , Put any Display name in Display as field and click OK It it will create a connection inside network tab with the display name Click it and you will see Your Home Directory there inside Es File manger . –

You can share any folder other then Home folder by going folder’s properties and selecting appropriate sharing option for it .

You can also share Folder with FTP connection as you can see in my Screenshots , Comment if any one want tutorial about it too …

May be i have missed something in tutorial cause i did this this sharing stuff a week ago so if you are having issues while sharing folders , feel free to comment and discuss about issue .







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