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How To Remove/Unlock Memory Card [SD]

How to  Remove Memory Card Password Using PC Mobile: Here in this article, you’re going to learn how to unlock SD password in 4 different methods. Almost every smartphone is coming up with huge memory in it internally and externally. It is not a big deal to unlock the password of a memory card. You’re going to learn this in simple steps here.Here are the steps unlock a password locked memory card

Recover Memory Card Password

 4 Methods To Remove(Or)Unlock Micro SD Card Password From PC

With these methods you can easily unlock memory card password for Sony, Nokia mobiles,Samsung, Lumia and Android Mobiles. Also check out Showbox for PC from here.

Remove Memory Card Password Of Sony,Nokia And Samsung Mobiles

If it is for android devices, follow the steps given below:
  1. Open file manager in your mobile
  2. Choose system folders in settings
  3. Find the file with the name mncstore there.
  4. Send that file on pc or laptop using a data cable
  5. Now open the file in Notepad
  6. You can see the password located in the file once the file is opened.

You can implement this method to any of the android phones or for any devices for which it has the access for mncstore file of a memory card.

Method 2:

How To Unlock Memory Card Password From PC?

Follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Insert the memory card in any of the N series of the Nokia mobile
  2. Format the card
  3. That’s it! It won’t ask you for password.
Method 3:

 Remove Memory Card Password Using Sony Nokia Samsung Mobiles

For Symbian mobiles:
  1. To scan the files on your mobile, download any explorer for that.
  2. Now begin the Explorer app and press number zero (0), which helps you in viewing the system files.
  3. Find the mncstore. It’ll be probably in the path: system/data/mncstore
  4. There will be a code in the third column like: TMSD02G
  5. Delete that code in order to reset the memory card password.

Method 4:

How To Recover Memory Card Password Using Software

To do this, go through the steps mentioned below.
  1. Eject the memory card from the device.
  2. Insert it into any other device and then connect it again to a pc or a laptop.
  3. Once done, give a right click and choose the menu option (Only for windows)
  4. Now you can see your memory card password removed or unlocked.

I hope this article is helpful for you in restoring your memory card password. In case if you face any issue in applying methods given in the article, please leave them in the comments below. Also don’t forget to share and spread the knowledge.

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