Prince Harry and Princess Maria-Olympia , girlfriend or love

Prince Harry and Princess Maria-Olympia

Prince Harry, 31, may have met his match in Princess Maria-Olympia, 19, the daughter of Pavlos, the Crown Prince of Greece and Prince of Denmark. It sounds like a match made in royalty Heaven, doesn’t it?

Prince Harry and Princess Maria-Olympia

She’s been called the “most eligible girl in the world,” and now it is being reported that Prince Harry might have hooked her for himself. Princess Maria-Olympia, a stunning young woman who was raised a royal just like him, might soon be joining Duchess Kate Middleton at royal events and obligations. That is, of course, if the reports about Harry being in love with her are true!

“Harry has fallen head-over-heels with Maria-Olympia. He’s absolutely smitten. They’ve been on a string of dates and are planning to go skiing in Switzerland before Easter,” claims a source to Australia’s New Idea. The source also claims that Harry and Maria-Olympia were set up by his cousin, Princess Beatrice. How cute!

Apparently, Princess Beatrice isn’t the only one who thinks Maria-Olympia is a perfect match for Harry. According to the report, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) think Princess Maria-Olympia is Harry’s “best girlfriend yet.” Whoa!

They can’t believe how happy and settled Harry is thanks to Maria-Olympia being in his life – before she came along, he always seemed quite restless, but now he’s much more content,” the source continued.

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