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My name is Keshav Bhatt, and I live in Kotdwara, Uttarakhand, India. I was born in 1995, and that makes me more than 20 years old ! I started coding in the early when i was 16 years old, when i was a 3 years old user of Ubuntu(Linux). I started my way onto PCs. But now i mostly work on my laptop cause it got thrice faster cpu then my desktop lol :D

In early 2011, I stated learning web designing, and started to work on my own website at my localhost. I learned Html, css , java script , php and mySql but at last i quit that project and come to know about wordpress since then i never thought of making a full website by my own :D :D . i spend months on that but when my conscience come to play i started to think making money for the stuffs i do, cause i was doing them better then anyone. Web journey goes on, At end of 2012 i stated desktop programming to make applications for desktop , now since i was using linux and loving it more then any other shity OS's available in the market i planned to only make applications for Linux platform.

To publish my work and experiences i started my own website Ktechpit.org with wordpress in 2013 to help other linux friends the way i do work and the way to get best of linux.At that time i come to know about Google adsense . I requested one for my site and everything worked fine. they accepted my website to serve ads. Then i focused on my site , i pulled good stuffs some by copy paste and some by my own to get my site ranked in top thousand on alexa :D :D . I was able to that , I earned lot money with that . but that was time taking and not that creative at all . After a year my hosting account and domain expired cause i didn't paid my host to continue. and that was my mistake. but fuck it.

I headed back to desktop and started with QT to make my applications i made a lot of Softwares to automate my homeworks and shit and learned Qt alot. Now it was time to show the world my work, and Ubuntu/linux is world for me in case i ever talked about softwares. I started publishing my apps to Ubuntu software center, cause that time i was not aware of how to make repositories to publish softwares. Now i know and i have calls from my friends to make one for them and teach them how to do that . You can get a list of some of my application in Ubuntu software center by typing my name.

In 2014 i again started a website http://armybharti.in for Indians it is related to Jobs/Recruitments and my stuffs. I earn much more with it in compare to Ktechpit.org and i planned to continue it.

All my friends are douchebag so i work on every project my own , so it take a little time to bring updates to any of my work. If you meet bulldog68/keshavnrj anywhere on web or on IRC, it’s probably me. If you want to send an E-Mail, feel free to mail me


Some of Application i developed .


A advance Media player for Ubuntu Linux able to play any media file.


Lightmusic is a music player with beautiful GUI and very low memory traces.


Famous puzzle based game for Ubuntu linux with advance features .


SuperCalc is most powerfull Calculator you will find anywhere on web.For Ubuntu Linux.


Powerfull dictionary able retrieve meanings ,dictate words from 3 popular providers. Also translate into Chinese language.


Lightweight media player for Ubuntu Linux.

Facebook Desktop

Facebook for Linux Desktop.You may be using it right now.


Port of 2048 for Ubuntu Linux. Better then any other port.


All your Internet banking at one place.