Ktechpit.com Released ‘Ubuntu-Play-Store’ for Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu play Store is like Google’s play store by which you get access to lots of third party apps Developed by Developers around the world . Ubuntu Play store and apps listed in it are maintained by Keshav Bhatt (Owner of Ktechpit.com ) Ktechpit.com is server from where the whole app builds and updates are published after moderation of each app done by Keshav Bhatt himself .

[button color=”blue” size=”big” type=”” target=”_blank” link=”http://www.armybharti.in/2016/05/ktechpit-com-released-ubuntu-play-store-ubuntu-14-04/”]Download For Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit[/button]

Ubuntu Play Store 16.04

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Try Before Purchasing Full App :

[button color=”blue” size=”big” type=”round” target=”_blank” link=”http://ktechpit.com/USS/debs/ubuntu-play-store_1_amd64_Trial2.deb”]Download Trial for Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit[/button]

Indian buyers can pay using :
Other International buyers can pay using :
Price in RS : 1064 Rs
Price in USD : 15.99 $
After making a successful payment you will get a Debian installation file , Install that file with gdebi or dpkg or Ubuntu Software on Ubuntu desktop.
Contact keshavnrj@gmail.com for any kind of assistance .


Features of Ubuntu Play Store :-

1- You get all premium application developed by Keshav Bhatt for free including all future updates and other apps added to list. Top apps in list include : –Facebook-Desktop , Messenger-Desktop, Whatsapp-Ubuntu, Ultimate-Media-Downlaoder, 2048 ,Youtube-music-downloader , Ultimate-Porn-Downloader, QStamina-typing tutor, LightMusic Player , KmusicPlayer , Dukto , BlackMusic Player and Streamer etc .

2-Ubuntu Play Store is very fast and low in memory consumption it will take approx 3 Mb after install .

3-It take only two seconds to launch i.e, 500% faster then Ubuntu software center.

4-It takes one Second to grab the list of software from my repository .

5-Every time you will launch you will get updated list of apps i.e, you dont need to run “sudo apt-get update” , it will get new and updated list of software including every minute change done by developer to their apps over the night .

6-It looks beautiful and it is theme-able too .

7-Category view to categorize apps and organize app easily.

8-Contain a in-build package installer – Quick installer to install and remove software from system .

9-In-built auto app update feature for Client which notifies you when a new version of store is available .

10-Allow you to keep multiple version of single app on your system .

Future Development plans :

-Allow Client to list Popular GTK themes , Icons themes and other desktop eye-candies and allow easy one click installation of them.

-Fonts Installer – to allow browse and install hand picked fonts from the web with easy one click install button .

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