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Brie Larson Figured Out Her SAG Awards’ Dress 2 Hours Before Showtime

Brie Larson Figured Out Her SAG Awards’ Dress 2 Hours Before Showtime

Brie Larson, SAG Awards 2016, ArrivalsJordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Picking out a red carpet dress hours before showtime? It’s no problem for Brie Larson!

While posing for pictures at the SAG Awards 2016, the Room actress instantly wowed with her colorful Versace gown. But as it turns out, the one and only dress wasn’t picked out days in advance.

“It was the first one I put on and I just knew. You just kinda know,” she told E! News on Live From the Red Carpet. “I just flew in from Australia this morning at 6 a.m. and I could not fall asleep on the plane and I think I was just sorta, do you know when you’re perfectly in a daze where you can make the right decision, that’s what happened today.”

When Giuliana Rancic asked to confirm if her fitting really was just hours before, Brie confirmed with no regrets.

“Yes, usually people who are smart and plan ahead, they do that sort of thing,” the actress joked while wearing Versace. “For me, I’m sorta like we’ll figure it out two hours before you walk out. That sounds good.”

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It could be a big night for the Room star who is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. Whether she wins or loses, Brie is already amazed at how much life has changed since her critically acclaimed performance.

“This movie is about growing up and outgrowing smaller ways of thinking and living and feeling the pressure of knowing gosh it’s time for me to move on and to let go and that could be like a boyfriend or that could be your old home or moving into something that’s bigger and beyond yourself and saying yes and moving forward,” she explained. “For me being kind of catapulted into this new land, I’m having to say goodbye to a lot of the things in my old life that I loved and say hello to things that are new and different and kind of scary but necessary.”

She added, “It’s kind of great because this can be a scary transition but it’s wonderful that if I feel lost, I can just go back to the movie.”

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