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Best Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car accident in Los Angeles please contact the Law Offices of David Azizi at 1-800-991-5292. We have car accident lawyers and attorneys that can help you receive a settlement check for your injuries.

Finding the correct personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA can be a challenge. While most victims would love to have the absolute best attorney for their case it is a challenge to find an individual that will be willing to work for you and not themselves. At the Law Offices of David Azizi we offer a free consultation to better understand what will be best for you. If we accept that the case is not satisfactory for both parties we will not push any services or further consultations. We will also not charge a single penny until the maximum compensation has been recovered in favor of the client. If you have been in a car accident and you would like to email us please feel free to use this email address.

If I am in a car accident can you help me get a vehicle rental to get to work?

The answer is yes. At the Law Offices of David Azizi we have a great deal of experience when it comes to car insurance and getting a vehicle rental. From the second your vehicle is in an accident until the minute it is fixed most of our clients will have access to a vehicle rental.

What if I don’t have health or medical insurance?

We get a number of phone calls from individuals that do not have health or medical insurance. If you do not have medical benefits that is ok. We work with doctors and medical professionals that will be willing to see you on a lien (loan) basis. The settlement will allow you to pay these medical bills.

I am going to be out of work, how can I pay my bills?

Loss of income is an important factor when it comes to personal injury claims. Contact us today at 1-800-991-5292 to learn more about how you can be compensated for this potential loss of income today and further on down the road.

How much is my case worth?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive at the Law Offices of David Azizi. It is important to understand that we cannot estimate an amount by simply getting a brief overview of the accident. We will need details and specifics related to your accident and your life. If you are a computer programmer and your thumb had to be amputated that must be factored into the settlement because your occupation will be changed for the rest of your life. A greatamputation lawyer will recognize this and seek the proper compensation. Contact us today so we can help you better understand how much your case is worth and move forward.

How long will it take for me to receive my settlement check?

The only way we will be able to answer this questions is to get more details about your case. Please call us at 1-800-991-5292 so we can get the specifics of your car accident. We will need to get the police report and a detailed description of everything that happened including the intersection, if there was a red light or stop light involved, how many cars were in the accident, what injuries were caused and much more.

There are millions of drivers that hit the roads of Los Angeles every single day. LA is world renowned for its rush hour traffic which can bleed into lunch time and late into the night. Some would argue that every waking moment is rush hour in the city of Los Angeles. This resource is going to document the many intersections, exits, crosswalks and areas of concern for those behind the wheel or pedestrians walking along the street. If there is a specific stretch of highway in which you have noticed multiple accidents or car crashes please feel free to contact us so we can add a section to this resource. Our contact us form is the best way to reach us.

rush hour los angeles car accident

2016 Auto Accident Assistance

While not many laws will change in 2016 there are a few nuances that need to be addressed when it comes to car accidents and personal injury law. If you have been hurt or injured in a Los Angeles car accident in 2016 please contact the Law Offices of David Azizi today. We have experienced personal injury lawyers that can help you get the proper compensation for your injuries. You do not want to get stuck in difficult financial situations because of medical bills or loss of income.

At any time we are available. We can answer those difficult questions that other law firms might try to avoid. Reach out to us at 1-800-991-5292. We will be more than happy to let you speak to a board certified California personal injury lawyer immediately.

Recently we created a resource that should help you to avoid some of the terrible traffic that causes major headaches for those commuting in the City and county of Los Angeles. We strongly urge you to download Google Maps to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Use this resource to find out how you can see traffic on any and all the roads in Los Angeles – Avoid Los Angeles Traffic.

If you are seeking a car accident or personal injury lawyer in any part of southern California we are excited to announce that we have extended our consulting hours to nights and weekends. In 2015, we are going to be available on nights, after work hours, and during weekends. If you call 1-800-991-5292 you will be able to speak to a lawyer or attorney that has over 10 years of experience dealing with car accident cases in Los Angeles, Commerce, San Marino, Cudahy, Pasadena, Maywood, Claremont, Culver City, Cerritos and Monterey Park.

Remember that if you are injured in a car, truck, van or SUV accident on any of the roads in California we have lawyers that can help you seek the maximum compensation for your injuries. We have many specialists and recreation professionals that allow us to recreate the accident. This will help us show the jury why you should receive the proper amount for your injuries from the car accident you endured. Having a lawyer with both knowledge and experience is imperative when it comes to dealing with the California and Los Angeles court system. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

Updated Los Angeles Car Accident Photos

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer David Azizi receives dozens of photos of Los Angeles car accidents every single day. Some of these accidents are caused by big rig trucks and others are caused by negligent school bus and MTA bus drivers. There are plenty of car accidents that happen in Los Angeles and Southern California that are the fault of no one; they simply happen.

June and July 2015 Los Angeles car accident photos are here. Below you will find photos that illustrate some of the damage that was done when cars, trucks, vans and SUVs were in car crashes in Los Angeles and throughout California.

toyota-la-car-accident roof-smashed-toyota-truck los-angeles-truck-accident-lawyer-toyota bad-toyota-accident-legal-help

In this particular accident (photos above) a Toyota truck had its roof smashed in a major truck accident in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there was very little the driver or passenger could do to protect themselves as the roof of the vehicle was comprised and the front windshield shattered. This type of accident can cause major physical and emotional damage to anyone that is in the vehicle.

airbag-deployment-lawyer airbag-accident-lawyer silver-car-accident-lawyer-los-angeles toyota-4runner-los-angeles-car-accident-lawyer


Airbag deployment is a very important part of any car accident. Notice the first two photos show what happens to an airbag after deployment during a car accident. These photos also show the amount of damage that can be done on a smaller vehicle when compared to a bigger vehicle like a truck or a sport utility vehicle. The photo of the Ford Explorer and Toyota 4Runner also show what can happen in a vehicle rollover situation.

Below you will find some photos of car accidents that happened recently in Los Angeles:

los-angeles-car-accident-lawyer-2015 los-angeles-fender-bender-lawyer car-accident-lawyer-los-angeles car-wreck-lawyer-los-angeles car-accident-settlement-la la-car-crash-settlement

When looking for the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California look no further than David Azizi. At the Law Offices of David Azizi we have several lawyers and attorneys that have helped car accident victims receive a large settlement for their case. We have plenty of experience and resources that can help us build the best case to help you recover for your injuries and medical expenses.

We are available on nights and weekends at the number 1-800-991-5292 so feel free to pick up the telephone and give us a call. You can also use our Contact Us page to send us more information about the car accident you were involved in in Los Angeles.

We recently updated a few of our photos pages with a Toyota Camry that was in a fender bender in Los Angeles. Here are a few of those photos:

los-angeles-car-accident-attorney-april-2015 car-accident-attorney-los-anteles-april-2015 2015-los-angeles-car-accident-lawyer los-angeles-car-crash-lawyer

When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

No one enjoys going through the process of getting into a car accident, having to go to the hospital and then having to file a lawsuit. It is very important to understand that you are not always taking money from the individual or company that was negligent in the car or truck accident. The money will often be paid out by the insurance company. This is a very common misconception. Most people may reconsider suing because they don’t want the person that hit them to go broke or bankrupt. This is not exactly how the process works.

When a lawsuit is filed the insurance company must decide if they are going to settle or take the suit to court. This is where the Law Offices of David Azizi can be very helpful. If the insurance company chooses not to settle the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Azizi can seek a larger compensation for your injuries. There are several lawyers and attorneys with over a decade of experience that will be able to assist in this type of situation.

As with any type of personal injury, it is imperative that the victim seek medical attention immediately. Whenever the head or spine is involved in an accident there is the possibility that it could get worse without a medical professional assessing the situation. For this reason, going to the hospital or a doctor is often times necessary. There is no reason to contact everyone you know or update a Facebook status before seeking medical attention. After a doctor or nurse has completed a full evaluation it is then time to contact a personal injury lawyer with experience.

There are always options available when it comes to a lawyer. Most people will want to hire someone with experience and resources. The Law Offices of David Azizi has both. David Azizi has been working car accident cases for over a decade and he has forged relationships with many professionals that can help with a case. These types of professionals include private investigators, doctors and psychologists. Combining David’s knowledge of the legal system with the expertise of other professions it is often the case that he can seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Los Angeles Accident Lawyer Available on Weekends

There are a number of hospitals and emergency medical facilities that stay open 24/7 because car or auto accidents can happen at any time of the day. With this being true we made it a point to offer a 24/7 phone consultation line to help individuals that need more information as it relates to car accidents and personal injuries. After being part of a car accident most people will want to know their options rather quickly. They do not want to wait until Monday morning. This is something to consider when deciding on a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles or any part of California.

Reach out to the Law Offices of David Azizi at 1-800-991-5292. We have attorneys and lawyers with over 15 years of experience that can help you recover the maximum amount of money for your injuries. If you have been injured to the point that you cannot fulfill your job duties there is compensation available. Allow our law offices to do the investigation and paperwork so you can get on with your life. There are many steps that must be taken and we will take all the necessary procedures to improve your injury conditions.


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