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AUDI SUV models Upcoming

Upcoming AUDI SUVS

Audi suv models have a large variety some of the upcoming are listed below

The Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 2017 will be a luxury crossover vehicle that will have features to make it stand out. Most of these features will be technologically oriented and will be meant to make the vehicle both comfortable and convenient to drive. Audi Q3 2017 is also expected to have a stronger power train which will be complimented by improved fuel efficiency.


The design of the Audi Q3 2017 will be based on the legendary Audi Quattro. This means that the new vehicle will have a shape almost similar to the older vehicle but with a modern styling. Audi Q3 2017 will also be wider and its height will be lowered which will in turn lower the center of gravity which will give the vehicle better driving dynamics. The wheel arches of this new vehicle will be greatly influenced by the ones found in the older model. This new Audi vehicle will also be made using light materials so as to lower its total weight. Because of the reduced weight the vehicle will be able to move faster and have higher fuel efficiency. The exterior of the Audi Q3 2017 will also have a coupe like roof line and a sharp character line which will run the length of the vehicle. On the front there will be various improvements including a redesigned and bigger grille. There will also be large air vents which will allow enough air to get into the engine. New Q3 2017 will be using LED head lights and better looking fog lights which will help in improving visibility and reducing the effects of reflective lights.

2017 Audi Q5  release date


The name of the prototype is “B5” and its already testing on the Sunny roads of Spain.

As appeared, the prototype is quite ready, it remains to make a small tweak to adjust chassis and engines. Most likely, the novelty will be shown before the end of 2016. Get ready to order.

2017 Audi Q5 redesign
The body got “reduced” grille, like the Audi Q7. Its “harmony” is a contentious issue, no wonder many of autocritique “ass” for the novelty. However, the company decided not to change the concept, and as becomes clear, it will be in the entire range of “Quattro” including the new “Q3”.

2017 Audi Q5 body

The grille has a hexagonal shape, located in the center of the front. But, the front headlight are likely to be narrower than on the predecessor, however, it is expected the new led optics. The front bumper is powerful, I would even say muscular.

The lateral line has a “familiar tunes”, but you can see the line rising from the front and rear ends. The car became more slicked (I thought), increased angle of the windshield.

Back. Just want to mention three-dimensional taillights, they are not visible on spy shots, however the manufacturer has stated this. And the rest in General everything is standard, also have the upper spoiler and the reflectors in the rear bumper.


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