AUDI Q7 SUV 2017

    • FUEL ECONOMY                                   (CTY/HWY)19/25 mpg
    • CAR TYPE                                                 SUV
    • TRANSMISSION                                    8-speed Shiftable Automatic
    • BASIC WARRANTY                               4 Yr./ 50000 Mi.
    • BLUETOOTH                                          Yes
    • HEATED SEATS                                     Yes
    • ENGINE TYPE                                        Gas
    • TOTAL SEATING                                   7
    • CYLINDERS                                           V6
    • DRIVE TRAIN                                       All Wheel Drive
    • CONSUMER RATING                          Not Available
    • NAVIGATION                                          No


The supercharger spins up, jamming air through the 3-liter V-6 engine as I accelerate down the straight. At the turn I’m on the brakes for a brief moment, then back on the throttle, turning the wheel to aim towards the apex. The precise steering does what I want it to and shows no lag.

Things get magic in the turn as I feel the car rotate underneath me, helping me out with all-wheel-drive and a little added steering angle at the rear wheels. A few turns later, there’s a moment of slip. But instead of ending up in a cow pasture, the car uses its handling systems and traction control to get itself back on the line I wanted.

Throughout these driving exercises, I’m sitting up high. And I’ve got room in the cabin for six more people.

Audi put almost everything from its impressive array of automotive engineering and tech into the 2017 Q7, the latest generation of its largest SUV. The Q7 seats seven, but in the third row it comes down to a choice of passengers or cargo. Making that transition easier, power-folding third row seats come standard.

AUDI Q7 SUV 2017
In its second generation, the Audi Q7 benefits from a wealth of new technologies enhancing handling and safety.[ADS2]

Less of a brawny SUV than a modern crossover, the Q7 has a roof line that hits 5 foot 8 inches, so many people will be able to look right over the top. That height makes it relatively easy to load cargo onto a roof rack. And rather than the flat single-frame grille of older Audi models, the Q7 shows off some new design thinking with a more sculpted front end. The general shape shows function over form, but Audi manages a few design touches, such as the low side trim pieces that designer Edwin Ollifers called “blades” during a press briefing.

Most importantly, the new Q7 is a showcase for handling, cabin and driver-assistance technologies. All of which make this luxury SUV a bit of a playground.

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