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Audi Lands Q2 , Q4 2016

Audi Lands Q2 , Q4

Audi CEO Ruper Stadler told Autoblog that the German automaker finally convinced FCA to release both Q2 and Q4, names Audi wants to fill out its SUV lineup. Exactly what was given in return remains a mystery and Stadler confirmed that money did not change hands.

“We promised each other we wouldn’t disclose what it cost, but it was not something they were willing to sell,” Stadler said. “We tried to get it years ago and they said ‘No, never,’ but there is never ‘never’ in business. … This year I went back to them with a proposal and we talked and there were some negotiations and then we agreed to it.”Audi Lands Q2 , Q4

When asked directly if the deal was a trademark swap, Stadler replied, “Something very much like that, yes.” One of the more obvious trademarks that Audi may have offered to FCA is “Bora,” a moniker used on two Maserati coupes from the past.

FCA had trademarked Q2 as a badge to represent its limited-slip differential technology, while Q4 is used on the back of Maseratis to denote all-wheel drive.

Audi wants to name an upcoming MQB-based crossover the Q2, while the Q4 will be a coupe-styled version of the next Q3.

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